Zumarrad is particularly sought after as a teacher of core belly dance technique, which she combines with strong knowledge of belly dance history and an energetic, fun approach. She aims to round out existing classes with specialised courses and workshops for dancers who want to learn more deeply about our wonderful art, its cultural roots and its place in our world today.

She particularly enjoys working with dancers to draw out their individual strengths and performance potential.

Weekly classes

Saturdays at Salsa Latina, Bath St, Christchurch. See the Salsa Latina website for details. 

Private tuition

Zumarrad is available for private tuition for individuals or small groups. A private class can help you simplify tricky technique, polish a new performance piece, break down a piece of music and even create a choreography from scratch. Zumarrad has also successfully coached actors for theatrical roles in which they are required to belly dance.

Workshops, lectures, intensives

Zumarrad can offer short courses or one-off workshops for belly dancers, focusing on musicality, improvisation and technique with a particular emphasis on personal styling.  

On request: workshops in core technique (bodywork, veil, zills, cane), Egyptian raqs sharqi/orientale and folklore, beledi, musicality, Latin fusion, performance skills, improvisation, choreographies and combinations. Lectures: globalisation and the dance, New Zealand belly dance history, research for dancers, listen-and-learn.


Zumarrad can provide short courses or one-off lessons for students of all ages, tailored to suit the needs of the class – a social studies lesson, a play with a Middle Eastern theme, or as the ethnic component of a formal dance course.

Please call or email for pricing.