Beledi Lounge

This intimate, relaxed event is an interactive way to enjoy Middle Eastern music and dance. Unlike many belly dance haflas, this is not a show but a real party, with 100 percent Middle Eastern music, performances by Zumarrad and select guests, and plenty of time for you to dance socially, Middle Eastern style.

The Tanda Orientale format, a concept borrowed from Argentinian tango, provides a wide range of music in short blocks, so there is always something you will enjoy. You can dance, or just listen, without pressure.

Beledi Lounge is held every few months. Check the website or Facebook for details!


Some Past Events

MEDANZ Festival, Roots and Branches: Workshops and performance, Christchurch April 17-19, 2015 

TANGO UBU NIGHT: With TangoVibe and the Free Theatre, Christchurch February 27, 2015

MINIFEST, Dunedin: Workshops and performance, November 29-30 2014

MEDANZ festival, Out of Egypt: Workshops Orewa April 24-27 2014

Doum, Tek and Raqs: Workshop and solo performance, MEDANZ festival, Dunedin April 25-28 2013.

Golden Sunset Hafla: Christchurch, March 16 2013.

Culture Galore: with Eshtar Folkloric Dance Troupe, Ray Blank Park, March 9 2013.

Community Bellydance Showcase Cancer Society Benefit: with Zilzal Tribal Bellydance, Wellington, November 4 2012.

Ruby Nights: Sammy's Entertainment Venue, Dunedin, July 21 2012.

Ranya Renee in New Zealand 2012: workshops and earthquake fundraiser hafla, Christchurch, June 9-10 2012.

International Bellydance Conference of Canada 2012: Competitions panel discussion speaker.

Wellington workshops, sponsored by Ziva: Ghawazee and the beledi progression. 26-27 June 2011.

Beledi Lounge: Saturday November 13 2010 at The Garage, 94 Gloucester St, Christchurch.

International Bellydance Conference of Canada 2010: Invited speaker to globalisation panel, convened by Dr Barbara Sellers-Young, alongside Dr Lynette Harper (Vancouver), Dr Caitlin McDonald (University of Exeter, UK), Marthyne (Quebec).

ATTAR 2010: Workshops with Zumarrad, Kashmir, Tanya Bamford-King, and guests, Auckland 20-21 February; Christchurch 27-28 February; Wellington 6-7 March.